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Well Vintage Capital Ltd. UK

Well Vintage Capital Ltd. UK is currently in the process of listing a bond on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The bond will be listed for USD$ 275 million, of which a drawdown facility will be available for investors of USD$ 55 million per year. Assets will be sponsored and pledged as Liquid Assets that are pre-sold in advance with a 55% Loan to Value Ratio.

Upon completion of binding commercial term sheet and further commercial agreements, Well Vintage Capital Ltd. UK will issue a bond to various potential investors for USD$ 55 million.

The bond will raise capital for various Bio-Diesel transactions. It will develop sustainable and profitable solutions for the global climate crisis that also address food security and local economic development in Indonesia. 

Contact us for a fact sheet and further information.

The strength of our firm has allowed us to always be there for our clients and partners in the good times and bad – this strength enables us to continually invest in building our business

and clients’ businesses.

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