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Trade Finance

Well Vintage is building global connectivity between miners, financiers, and offtake buyers.

Well Vintage can arrange trade finance for collateralized, short dated trade finance transactions which involve all facets of the trade cycle including the purchasing, transportation and storing of the underlying products as well as the final sale of the product to the off-taker.


Either as the trade financier or together with the trader, we would propose to control the ownership of the collateral throughout the trade to reduce the risk of any defaults.

The proposed funding will be required to demonstrate that each transaction satisfies the principals of ‘security’ and ‘serviceability’ before any funds are deployed.

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Contract Hardware Finance

We work with various types of companies in several industries who own or have the requirement to purchase technology related products. We assist in providing finance for these products or generating a financing package that meets a borrower’s needs.


We work with funders who have a deep understanding of the tech market and can look at a situation in a very specialized way that is not usually available when working with mainstream lenders. It is important to both understand the client and the asset, with the aim of structuring a solution that is appropriate to the needs of the business.


Gold & Silver Facilities

Well Vintage offers a tailored made solution for investors wanting to trade, store, logistically transfer and even provide credit facilities for precious metal. Investors are no longer subject to restricted banking hours and locations. Our services are global and tailored towards investor’s needs.

Well Vintage sources bullion from several of the largest and most reputable LBMA refiners in the world. The bullion that we provide is made for the order and comes directly from the refiner, guaranteeing the provenance and integrity of the metal. Well Vintage offers fully insured storage in high security vaults located in free-trade zones around the world, which offer maximum security and discretion to clients. 

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Financial Consulting

Well Vintage works with companies across the full spectrum of financial services, including banking, payments, insurance, wealth and asset management, and capital markets. Our unique platform is designed to help you manage risks, reduce costs, innovate, and achieve breakthrough results.

We can help you develop clear, practical action plans and implement them efficiently, to ensure you achieve real and sustainable performance improvement in your projects.


Find out how we can assist your next project.

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