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We work with various types of companies in several industries who own or have the requirement to purchase technology related products. We assist in providing finance for these products or generating a financing package that meets a borrower’s needs.


We work with funders who have a deep understanding of the tech market and can look at a situation in a very specialized way that is not usually available when working with mainstream lenders. It is important to both understand the client and the asset, with the aim of structuring a solution that is appropriate to the needs of the business.

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اعمل معنا

Independent due diligence

Close relationships with buyers and sellers

20 years Experience

Complete Oversight on the transaction including insurance, logistics and cargo tracking.

We do not speculate - prices in each trade are confirmed upfront with offtake buyers.

اعمل معنا

اكتشف كيف يمكننا مساعدة منتجك في الوصول إلى جمهور عالمي.

اعمل معنا

اكتشف كيف يمكننا مساعدة منتجك في الوصول إلى جمهور عالمي.


7 شارع تيماسيك

# 12-07 برج صنتيك واحد ،

سنغافورة  038987

هاتف: +65 6681 6742

الإمارات العربية المتحدة

برج كونكورد ، جناح 2803 ،

2804 ميديا سيتي ، دبي ، ص.ب 871

هاتف: +971 58584


80 طريق هاسلر ،

حديقة أوزبورن

WA 6017 أستراليا

هاتف: +61 8 6372 4010

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